Sienna Beauty & Skin

Therapeutic Massage Treatments

At Sienna Beauty clinic you will find a range of treatments and beauty services including therapeutic massage treatments. Ashlea is especially known for the magic in her massages, as she has trained several masseurs since the time she started beauty services through this salon.

Therapeutic massage treatments at our beauty salon include full body massages and Swedish massages. For those looking to relax and unwind, we offer relaxing massages in a comfortable and serene environment. When you leave yourself in the hands of our expert masseurs you will experience a massage session that will leave you completely relaxed and stress free.

Rigorous Swedish massages are recommended for our clients who pursue active sports or have muscle fatigue or soreness. Our experts will highlight the intensity of the sessions for anyone opting for such a session for the first time. The intensity of Swedish technique is the key to relieving soreness in the muscles or tissues underneath the skin. Measures ensure that the intensity of the session is as per the comfort level of the client. We also offer initial consultation sessions with skin care experts for clients before a therapeutic session is scheduled. This helps clients to discuss any medical condition, ailment or injury they might have which can be affected by massage sessions. We also offer special sessions for expecting mothers to help relieve soreness and fatigue and enhance circulation in the body.

With Ashlea and her team you can expect to leave your worries behind when you seek a massage treatment. Our massage treatments come highly recommended by our existing clients. If you are visiting our skin care clinic for the first time,  you are sure to enjoy a spa like service here for any massage treatment you would like.

We would encourage you to call us and make a prior appointment so that our masseurs are ready for your session when you arrive.