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Skin Tightening

Sienna Beauty Salon is known far and wide for the provision of unique, artistic and friendly skin services to all our clients. Across Rooty Hill, NSW you will find no other beauty salon for every skin service you need. Due to the use of the latest technology, chemicals and procedures, our beauty services are renowned across the city. Among the many services that we offer, one is skin tightening. 

In case your skin is weak, dehydrated and fragile, we offer a unique non-invasive treatment that you cannot find anywhere else. Our skin care services will make your skin appear tighter and younger. You have always desired your skin to look younger, fresher and tighter. We are committed to fulfilling your desire with our world class techniques. We make use of the latest technology to ensure that our services are effective in making your skin remain tighter for longer.

Once you visit our premises, our professionally trained therapists will remove all the wrinkles from your skin. We strive to ensure your visit to our skin clinic will be highly rejuvenating. Move away from the stresses of finding a professional and effective team of beauticians and put your trust in Sienna Beauty Salon.

We promise serenity, peace and tranquility to ensure that you receive the ultimate service which you deserve. Your sense of well-being and confidence will be restored by a single visit to our salon. For long lasting impression on your skin, Sienna is the place to be. We do not take lightly the confidence you bestow on us. We strive to deliver the best results possible!     


What is it?

Radio Frequency (RF) Skin tightening tightens, tones and firms loose, sagging or ageing skin. RF skin tightening treatments can address lax skin on virtually any part of the face or body. It is a popular alternative to surgery or liposuction.

How Long Does the Treatment Take?

A course of 6-10 treatments spaced at 1 week apart are recommended.

How Can I Book the Treatment?

For best results combine RF skin tightening treatments with Fat Cavitation. Our professional staff conduct RF skin tightening treatments in our facilities at Rooty Hill, NSW. Give us a call or send us an e-mail to book your desired time for therapy.


  • Face $249
  • Neck $149
  • Face & Neck $299
  • Forehead $129
  • Eyes $99
  • Eyes & forehead $189
  • Breast Lift $189
  •  Abdomen $199
  • Buttocks $299