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Fat Cavitation

Fat cavitation is a non-invasive alternative to liposuction offered by Sienna’s beauty services.

The treatment involves an ultrasonic stimulation of the desired area. Our experts use small and big probes to excite fat cells to the point that will activate the lipolysis process. This is a natural process in your body in which glycerol and free fatty acids are transformed into consumable energy. Fat cavitation enables the release of fat reserves, which your body then expels through the urinary and lymphatic system.

Fat cavitation is an ideal way to burn off fat from small and big areas of your body. Skin care professionals claim that it’s the perfect treatment for the ‘muffin top’ area, arms and around the bra strap. The ultrasound can also offer great results when treating inner and back thighs, buttocks and tummy.

How Long Does the Treatment Take?          

An average fat cavitation treatment at our skin clinic takes about 30 minutes. You should make sure to visit the beauty salon 6-10 times within one week as this is the recommended starting course of the treatment.

What Effects Can I Expect?

Studies confirm that fat cavitation is the best possible treatment for long-lasting slimming effect, which is why we are proud to offer it among our beauty services. The ultrasonic treatment has proved to be a very powerful way to get rid of all fat types, including visceral fats located inside your abdomen.

What You Should Do Before and After the Treatment

  • Hydrate – the normal daily water intake should be 8-12 glasses.
  • Don’t smoke, drink alcohol or consume medications on the day of the treatment.
  • Exercise after the treatment this will enable your body to burn the fat reserves more efficiently.

How Can I book the Treatment?

You can contact Sienna Beauty Salon at Rooty Hill, NSW either by e-mail or phone. Our highly co-operative staff will inform you whether the desired time is available and book you for a professional fat cavitation treatment at our skin clinic.


  • Stomach, buttocks, thighs or arms $99
  • Stomach & top thigh $150
  • Stomach, top thigh & buttocks $250
  • Stomach, Top thigh, buttocks & arms $300