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Tinting and Lash Lifting

Sienna Beauty offers the famous Elleebana one shot lash lift, for luxurious lash curls that last up to 12 weeks. Add a Lash tint for further WOW factor!

Eyelash tinting is like hair dye for your eyelashes. The effect of an eyelash tint is similar to mascara, yet has more of an impact. The benefit of going for tinting lies in the fact that it can enhance the length, darkness and thickness of the eyelashes. The treatment is fast and safe.

Why Sienna Beauty?

We are a professional beauty salon and skin clinic located at Rooty Hill, NSW which provides professional beauty services. By using our eyelash tinting services you will be able to reap the following benefits:

  • You will no longer need to wear mascara
  • Through our eyelash tinting you will be able to add structure to your pale face
  • Being an expert in skin care, we use vegetable fats in our tinting process which means that you will not suffer any allergic reactions

What to Expect?

We will initially take your patch test and after 24 hours of this test you will be taken for the treatment. Our treatment procedure involves the following steps:

  • Before the start of the actual treatment, our professional will ask you about your preferred colour.
  • Stickers of a special nature will be placed around your eyelids. This is done for the protection of your eyeball.
  • Your lower and upper lashes will be treated with the dye. The dye will be applied with extreme care.
  • After applying the dye, you will be left untouched for at least 15 minutes as we allow the dye to dry.
  • After the drying process, the beauty professional will wash your dye gently. Once the dye is washed, your eyes will gain a much preferred and adoring look.

Keep in mind that…

The tinting effect very much depends upon the growth of your lashes. Usually the effect lasts for around 4 to 6 weeks.

Call Us

You can approach Sienna Beauty Salon for timely beauty services at Rooty Hill, NSW or you can call us at (02) 96771209 or 0403050613.


  • Eyebrow tint $18
  • Eyelash tint $18
  • Lash, brow tint & brow wax $50
  • Lash Lift $90
  • Lash lift including tint $95